Doing Probate yourself (not using a probate specialist) is a very possible task to accomplish. The difficulty of DIY Probate solely depends on the executor, some will find it easier than others however please keep in mind that it can take a substantial amount of time. There are no specific qualifications that are needed; although experience with any of the main areas of the Probate Process would ease and shorten Probate. Patience is needed as some of the companies that the executor will have to deal with are not always as helpful as they would want them to be.

If a stage is reached in which the executor is really struggling, they can always then get help from a probate specialist, many will be happy to give advice and assist, passing the work the executor has already done to a specialist for them to finish off can save a good amount on their fees. The more the executor does, the less they will have to pay someone else to do.

An important thing to consider is how much responsibility, and potential liability, the executor is willing to take on themselves.

At Steele Rose Law we offer a service where we take more of a supervisory role, in which the executor would do as much work as they can until they reach sections they do not understand or need help with, they can then come to us for assistance.

If you have any further questions or would like some more information or help with obtaining the Grant of Probate as well as general estate administration, please call 01722 410009 to speak to our Probate specialist (by accepting free advice you are under no obligation to use our services).

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