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Why Make a Will?

Here are a few reasons for writing a will 

  • To ensure your children, step-children and grandchildren inherit.
  • To appoint guardians to look after minor children.
  • To leave a gift to family or friends.
  • To make the process of probate easier for your beneficiaries.
  • To appoint those who will deal with your estate (executors) reducing the risk of family disagreements.
  • To have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out.
  • To ensure those you wish to disinherit do not benefit from your estate.
  • To prevent your family home being sold to pay for nursing home fees.
  • To ensure a disabled child or family member receives an income from your estate without it being used to pay or care costs.
  • To ensure your business passes to the people you choose.
  • To give a child, partner or parent that lives with you the right to continue living in your home after your death.
  • To donate a gift to your favorite charity.
  • To ensure your (unmarried) partner inherits your estate.
  • To make your funeral wishes known.
  • To ensure pets are cared for.
  • To ensure your wife or civil partner fully benefit from your estate if you wish them to inherit in excess of the ‘intestacy threshold’ of ¬£250,000.


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