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WILLs & Powers of Attorney
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Secure Legal Document Storage

Many clients take advantage of our optional scheme that, in return for a modest subscription, provides a number of additional benefits:

  • Secure fireproof storage for Legal Documents (including Wills and Title Deeds). Steele Rose has never had client documents lost or stolen.
  • Straightforward alterations to Wills at no further charge.
  • Continued legal advice by telephone.
  • An aide-memoire and telephone advice to executors administering the eventual estate (Steele Rose do not need to be nominated as an executor).
  • Access to your legal documents normally within 24 hours.
  • Documents returned by tracked delivery at no additional charge.
  • Unlike many banks, there is no additional charge for withdrawing documents.

If you wish to retrieve a Will from secure storage Steele Rose requires a signed request from the Testator.

To release a Will (or information concerning a Will) when the Testator is deceased, Steele Rose require the signed authorisation of all Executors and a copy of the death certificate, even if the request is from a solicitor or other representative.

An appointed Attorney (on an enduring or lasting power of attorney) or a Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection does not have the legal authority to change the donor’s Will.

Steele Rose provides a safe, dry and secure Will storage facility. Testators have a lot invested in their Wills – not just the costs of having it professionally written, but also the effects it will have when probate is required. It is important not to keep such an important document with your papers at home where the Will could be lost, destroyed inadvertently or even on purpose. Fires, floods and thefts do happen and risk of loss is increased at stressful times such as moving home.

If your Will is lost or damaged after death (or if you have lost testamentary capacity), your estate  might be dealt with under the terms of a previous Will or the rules of intestacy.