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Home Protection Trust

The Steele Rose Home Protection Scheme

What is the Home Protection Trust?

Our Home Protection Trust is created to protect your family home and your right of residence within your home. The purpose is to ensure that the property will pass directly to your chosen beneficiaries, after your death, with as little hassle and delay as is possible. It may also remove your home’s value from being included in a local authority means assessment for care home fees. More Information →

Inheritance Tax Savings Trust

The Steele Rose IHT Savings Trust

What is the Inheritance Tax Savings Trust (IHT Savings Trust)?

Our IHT Savings Trust is designed to allow individuals to remove taxable assets (normally cash) from their estate to reduce the inheritance tax liability. These funds are gifted to the trust (either as a single payment or several single payments) as a lifetime transfer. The Settlor can manage the funds provided that they are not used to benefit the Settlor. More Information →