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Probate – Frequently Asked Questions

We have collated a selection of questions that we have had in relation to Estate Administration and Probate.

How Hard is DIY Probate?

How Hard is DIY Probate? Doing Probate yourself (not using a probate specialist) is a very possible task to accomplish. The difficulty of DIY Probate solely depends on the executor, some will find it easier than others however please keep in mind that it can take a substantial amount of time.

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What is Probate?

The legal process of administering an estate of an individual who has passed away is known as ‘extracting the Grant of Probate’ (also referred to as a ‘Grant of Representation’). This verifies the legal right of an Executor to administer the estate of the deceased and in practical terms will require the executor to call in all assets of the estate, pay all liabilities and then make distributions to the beneficiaries (however it is seldom quite this simple).

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What Are My Roles as an Executor of a Will?

The appointment of an executor of a will is made on the creation of the document by the testator (The person for whom the will is made). Administering the estate and carrying out the wishes of the testator upon their death is the responsibility of the executor.

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How Long Does Probate Take?

Sadly there is no straightforward answer to this question; however, we will outline the causes that largely contribute to the time taken for completion of probate and, if possible, define the variables contributing to the question of how long does probate take.

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The Cost of Probate: How Much Should I Be Spending?

The cost of probate can be a very confusing matter, with vast differences in who charges what and how they calculate their quote. We will try to address the amounts you should and should not be paying, the methods companies use to work out quotes, and things to watch out for when getting a quote.

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What Are the Reasons for Contesting a Will?

Even if there are no provisions made for you in the Will , it is still possible to contest as long as you meet one of the requirements for a contester. There are 5 main areas that can be used when contesting a Will: Mental Capacity, Lack of Valid Execution, Undue Influence, Fraud or Forgery or Rectification and Construction Claims.

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