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Apr. 28, 2015

How to make life easier for loved ones when you die

The chances are, you won’t find many people that like to talk about the subject of death, this a taboo subject for most people even though it’s an unavoidable part of life. Pass away and it’s harder for the people you leave behind, they’re left grieving and if you fail to prepare for the inevitable, they’ll feel burdened by the amount of responsibility that is placed on their shoulders. You can avoid this by preparing for the day you meet your maker though, think about your family and take this advice.

Plan your own funeral

We’ve covered this topic in one of our earlier blogs, planning your own funeral empowers you with the ability to have control over your own funeral, you can plan the day in every single detail. From choosing the funeral director to picking the music you want playing on the day, form a funeral plan and your loved ones can follow your last wishes to the letter.

Write a Will

A will provides you with the opportunity to legally declare the beneficiaries to your estate. You can disclose who you want to leave all your worldly belongings to and avoid squabbling amongst relatives after you have gone. Prepare a will and there are no misunderstandings, everything is written down and witnessed, so there shouldn’t be any problems once you shuffle off this mortal coil.
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Take out life insurance

Provide for your family in the event of your death, take out policies that pay off the mortgage, pay off debts, cover funeral costs and leave your loved ones financially stable. They’ll be in enough pain as it is so they don’t want money worries adding to their woes, life insurance gives you a means of providing for your family once you are no longer here.

By making simple plans whilst you are still alive you’ll ease the pain and worry for loved ones after your death.