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How Long Does Probate Take?

Sadly there is no straightforward answer to this question; however, we will outline the causes that largely contribute to the time taken for completion of probate and, if possible, define the variables contributing to the question of how long does probate take.

What Factors Contribute to How Long Probate Takes?

Obtaining the Grant of Probate is an essential part of the estate administration process and initial concerns will often circulate around how long does probate take. Executors are unable to administer the estate until the grant has been issued. With ideal circumstances, this should be between three and five weeks; complications, for instance inheritance tax to pay or mistakes in the submitted forms, can delay the issuing of the grant of probate.

The complexity of the estate is the primary factor affecting the completion of probate; the most time consuming practice is the getting in of all of the assets and the selling or otherwise disposing of them in accordance with the Will. The various institutions (such as banks, insurance companies and investment agencies) work to their own timescales and will substantially increase the administration period. There are circumstances that may cause the completion of Probate to take in excess of two years due to such reasons as a delay in property sale; thankfully, this is a rare occurrence.

Once all assets have been sold or transferred the estate accounts for the estate can be completed; and, any outstanding tax can be paid prior to beneficiaries receiving their legacies. This step of probate can take a substantial period of time dependant upon the time taken for beneficiaries to respond with information.

For an instant estimate on time to completion we have created a Probate Calculator that will also provide an estimate of fees.

How Long Does Probate Take If Administered by a Layperson

It is possible to administer the estate oneself; however, probate can be a time consuming, stressful and costly task if not completed in line with strict regulations. It is certainly worth, if nothing else, knowing what you are paying for however there will almost certainly be delays for time in learning the process.

Probate is for many, an unfamiliar and complicated procedure faced at a distressing time, if you are not sure if the estate needs Probate or you do not know what you need to do as an Executor please do not hesitate in contacting Dean Steele on 01722 410009 to discuss the estate administration.

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