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Mar. 20, 2015

CRAG to Be Replaced with New Care Act 2014 Guidance

The Department of Health CRAG (Charging for Residential Accommodation Guidance) which provides advice on the pre-Care Act 2014 rules will be replaced with new statutory guidance under the Care Act 2014 starting on 1 April 2015 called the Care and Support Statutory Guidance (CSSG). This is when Part 1 of the Act will come into force.

Care Act 2014 Part 1

The Care and Support (Charging and Assessment of Resources) Regulations 2014 are included in Part 1 of the Act, this provides for local authority charges and how individuals’ finances are assessed. The Care and Support (Deferred Payment) Regulations 2014 impose an obligation on local authorities to offer a deferred payment agreement to any individual meeting certain requirements and a discretionary power to offer it to those not meeting the criteria.