“Since becoming paralysed in 2009, I have done my utmost to ensure people in need are supported and empowered as best as possible.
On hospital wards it is an all-too-common sight for patients to be relentlessly approached with offerings of legal services. The way people are targeted is clinical and financially motivated, completely dismissing the key things that are needed.
As a Not-For-Profit, Steele Rose values relationships above all else and as the Charity Ambassador, it was vital for us to create a sustainable model that truly benefits not just the individual, but the whole of their support network as well”
– Justin Levene Charity Ambassador

Free Wills Scheme

Our Free Wills Scheme was created in 2016 to allow us to offer a number of services to support hospices and charities throughout the UK that are close to our heart.

The Services that we provide include:

  • Free legal advice
  • Will Writing
  • Will Storage
  • Continued lifetime advice and will amendments
  • Probate advice for your loved ones

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