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Apr. 28, 2015

Be safe not sorry: Put your will into secure legal document storage

Drawing up a will puts your mind at rest that your estate will be distributed as you wish when you pass away. However, this is only the case if your will is safe, secure and easily accessible.

Many people neglect to keep their wills somewhere secure and easily accessible, meaning that that there can be problems administering their estate after their death.

If your will becomes lost or damaged it can cause legal problems, delay administration of your estate, cause it to be challenged in court, or mean that your estate is not distributed according to your wishes.

Problems with keeping your will at home

Many people choose to keep their will at home which can cause a whole host of problems. When you keep your will at home there is no guarantee that it is protected. Your will could fall victim to a host of different disasters such as flood, pests, fire or burglary. Even if you hide your will in a very secure location in your home it can be risky. It’s important that you let someone that you trust know the location of your will so that it can be found quickly and easily in the event of your death.

Benefits of using secure legal document storage

When you use our secure legal document services you won’t ever have to worry about the safety of your will again. Here are a few of the benefits of using our secure will storage service.

  • Peace of mind that your will is always safe
  • Secure, dry and fireproof storage
  • Straightforward alterations to your will for no extra charge
  • Access to your secure documents with 24 hours of your request
  • Continued legal advice by telephone
  • Telephone advice for executors administering the estate

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to discuss our secure legal document storage service any further.