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Apr. 28, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Planning Your Funeral

An optional part of your will may include your wishes for your funeral. Not everyone wants to plan their own funeral and some people may find it an uncomfortable subject to think about and approach with loved ones. However pre-planning your funeral can have many benefits and is not that difficult to do so it is worth at least considering the option.

Get the funeral you’d want

By planning your own funeral you can ensure that you get the send off that you would like. Deciding whether you would prefer a burial or a cremation is a very personal decision so it will give you peace of mind to know that you have made your wishes clear. You may also have an idea of the place where you would like your remains to go, this could be a particular cemetery, or a place that’s special to you where you would like your ashes scattered. Planning your funeral is a great way of giving yourself some control over what happens at your funeral.

Save on expenses

Funerals can be very expensive and when it comes to arranging yours your loved ones will probably not be in the right frame of mind to be focussing on the price. By planning your funeral in advance you will be able to spend time finding the very best prices to make savings in places where they may otherwise have been overlooked. You could then put money aside for your funeral and this money will gain interest over time.

Less stress and hassle for your loved ones

When a loved one dies it is a very emotional and stressful time for the family, so planning a funeral can just add further strain to the situation. If you don’t leave a funeral plan behind then different members of your family may have different ideas about the type of funeral that they want to give you. Making these kinds of decisions at a time when emotions are already running high can result in arguments. Leaving a funeral plan and money to cover the costs can ease the burden from your grieving friends and relatives and give them peace of mind that you’re getting the send-off that you would approve off.